Not & Bene

Na kolesách proti rakovine

Admiral teamed up with “Na kolesach proti rakovine”, event that fights cancer!


Interview v Pravde

Interview s Admiralom v Pravde.

Spoza Volantu

Pilotný diel zámerne dementného avšak nikdy nerealizovaného seriálu zo života slovenských kamionistov…


SME front page

Front page and big interview in TV Oko magazine which is part of SME newspapers.

Celé Interview v SME si môžte prečítať tu.

Correspodence cards for Soyart

I was asked to create 3 correspodence cards for Soyart. This is the result.

Berlinale Talents

I was selected for Berlinale Talents, it was a lot of fun :)

Here’s the pic from Slovak Film Institut at Berlinale Market.

Vystava won the Golden Egg at Küstendorf

The Golden Egg Award at Küstendorf went to Andrej Kolenčik and Peter Beganyi for The Exhibition.

Emir Kusturica, Golden Egg and Me

From left to right: Luka Popadic, Guillermo Arriaga, Berenice Bejo, Srdan Koljevic, Me and Goran Volarevic

Bartek Swiniarski, Julia Kolberger, Me and Luka Popadic

Berenice Bejo, president of the jury

Golden Egg, Me and Emir Kusturica

With all directors (Vladilen Vierny is missing), from left to right – Martin Rath, Wu Linfeng, Luis Palomino, Me, Julia Kolberger, Joo Hyun Lee, David Figueroa Garcia, Jow Zhi Wei, Luka Popadic, Michael Alalu, Ali Asgari…and Emir :)


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