Music Video

Booka Shade – Teenage Spaceman (Unofficial Music Video) made for competition.

The members of Spacemen Gang are looking for the hottest hit. They are going to get it from a dealer, but all they get is a bootleg CD. Spacemen are in Rage.

Created and Produced by Pacientarium.
Director: Andrej Kolenčík
1st Director of Photography: Ivo Miko
2nd Director of Photography: Nikol Šuplatová
Editor and AD: Petřa Vladyková
Grading: Samuel Vičan
Production and Location Manager: Filip Křížek
Starring: Ján Slovák, Miroslav Krištovčák, Emil Lehota, Ján Slovák jr.
Extra cameo by Pjoni and Ink Midget

ADMIRÁL All Rights Reserved.